About Us

We,the Lenzen family, live in Alpirsbach in the northern Black Forest since August 2003. The joy in dealing with animals has induced us to move into an old farmhouse.
Here we have plenty of space so we can make a more species-appropriate keeping possible for our animals. At the moment we are living together with some sighthounds (Whippets and Deerhounds), cats and rabbits; two saurian, one white chipmunk, some coloured mice and chickens; an aquarium also has to be provided.

Some of our friends

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  • CassandraCassandra Cassandra
  • Fedor, Demi und PaulFedor, Demi und Paul Unsere Murmeltiere
    Fedor, Demi und Paul
  • Fedor & PaulFedor & Paul Fedor & Paul
  • Paul & BrianPaul & Brian Paul & Brian
  • Demi & BrianDemi & Brian Demi & Brian
  • Fedor & PaulFedor & Paul Demi & Fedor

The number of animals is even larger from time to time since we get animals for the rearing or care. Some of them have remained. This way the number of cats and rabbits living with us increased continuously.
With a lot of love, patience and expertise we have reached that our different species of animals accept and live with each other themselves. All our pets are integrated into the family because personal contact is written with a capital letter with us.
We received the admittance for the opening of our pet hostel in January 2006. We have noticed before that a need for suitable places for pets also consists in this local area.
We look after our guests in a loving way and it is important for us to take care of their individual needs.